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dent-de-lion for Accordion and Electronicics Live


or Accordion and Electronics live

Accordion:Tomomi Ota

Composition:Ai Kamachi

Electronics Programming   Sound Engineer:Nagie

The music is made out of Particles sound of Accordion. Winds from bellows shakes of Accordion with electrical Max for live with multi-channeled speakers, the audience can feel how these Accordion’s fluffy particles of sound which is electronics takes complex resonance delay, granular pitch shifting, and live the sampling mix together. Acoustic sound and electronic sound merge into an Accordion’s tone seeds fly around.

Tomomi Ota is one of the greatest Accordion players in Japan. She is the only one who can play contemporary music. Everyone thinks that the Accordion doesn't have extended technics such as Violin flageolet or Saxophone Flutter-tonguing. She plays a lot of extended-technics, for example, she creates ultra fast trills using multiple buttons, or vibrato by shaking her left leg. 
I had a big impact from her extended technics, so that’s why I composed this music. 


I programmed electronic parts for don't interference her sensitive extended play.
Electronics support low frequency of the whole song, enhance her special technics by real-time sampling.
It requires more than 4channel multi-speaker system, I used resonated delays and reverbs for the unusual sound field just like another planet’s deep sea.
Also I user Resonating shift, it creates the sound like pitch-shifting, however, it is not musically crashing for harmonies comparing normal pitch-shift.
Especially, in the last half of the song, she plays just bellows and makes one whistling noise. Electronics create sound like a big ship in the harbor. 


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