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Paradox for Violin Solo and Electronics Live

Paradox for Violin Solo and Electronics Live

Violin:Naoki Kita Composition:Ai Kamachi Programming   Sound Engineer:Nagie

The music is made out of four different sound layers, that is, the violin solo live and three other performances by Max. With multi-channeled speakers, the audience can feel how these four layers mix together. Each sound layer progresses in different time scales, and the three sound layers by Max, too, are actually performed by the violinist in a way, for his bowing is reflected in these other layers through 'sensing'. The violinist body and the right bow sensed by 'Kinect' which enables the angle of the bow at each moment to be sensed and conveyed to the computer, and then processed to be expressed in sound and also visualized. ''You'd best not consider it a violin; I take it as a mere wooden box with a few strings running down,'' whispered the violinist, benevolent or malevolent, before I started composition. Setting out thus at a loss, I was able to feel the unexpected pleasure of liberating myself from all the fixed ideas I had had a musical revelation, if I may call it.


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